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react developer tools guide 2023

This is a simple guide on how to use react developer tools in browser like chrome, firefox or safari to help us, debug and inspect: components, props and state

react tool

HTML code snippet with emmet

make your life easier as frontend developer, by using emmet as your HTML code snippet. By installing meet, you can write HTML code much much faster

HTML tool

You can ask AI, what is the output of the following code snippet ...

AI-powered tools can predict the output of code snippets, saving developers time & effort. However, it's important to review & test the code manually as AI is not perfect

AI tool

What is code snippet meaning

Learn about code snippets, small pieces of code that serve specific purposes & can save time for developers. Discover where to find them & how to use them


What is Coding tools

Coding tools can greatly improve your productivity and efficiency as a developer. From beginners to experienced programmers, it's worth exploring and trying out different tools to find the ones that suit your needs best


Find list of developer tools with FindDevTools

Are you looking for a list of developer tools for your next project? FindDevTools is the answer. We can compare between tool , see it feature and pricing.


How to fix Amazon S3 error RequestTimeTooSkewed

Suddenly one of my s3 function i use normally got an error with message RequestTimeTooSkewed. Here is how to fix it

tool AWS s3

Manage media/image in forestry with cloudinary

How to manage your static website's media like hugo via forestry with image hosting provider like cloudinary

tool hugo

How to Schedule Post in Future for Hugo

How to set hugo post schedule in the future with netlify and cron task

hugo tool

How to Tweet Your Blog Post Automatically

How to tweet your blog content automatically via RSS by schedule that you define yourself

tool productivity

Free and Easy Rest API for Prototype

How to make an API free for prototyping your app without writing any backend code or setup a server

api tool

Where to Host Website for Free

Is there any place to host your website for free? short answer is YES, long answer.. YEEEEEEES