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Where to Host Website for Free

Is there any place to host your website for free? short answer is YES, long answer.. YEEEEEEES

Is there any place to host your website for free? short answer is YES, long answer.. YEEEEEEES. Today, there are so many generous companies offer us a hosting service for free and very reliable. Many websites already run on these platforms, now is your turn.

Gitub Pages

If you already love github, you’ll love them even more. With Github pages you can easily make a website just like creating a new repository.

How to:

  1. Create a new repository, must be named YOUR USERNAME/
  2. Clone the repo
  3. Make index.html file or add any static things (js/css/images)
  4. Push it to github. Now you’ll have a new website under (Yes! with HTTPS)


Netlify allows you to make static website via your repository (Github / Gitlab or Bitbucket). It also gives you some “backend” features like Authentication and Form input.

If you intend to make a blog website, don’t forget today we have static-site-generated web like “Jekyll” or “Hugo”, We can use netlify or github pages for this purpose too.


With focus on mobile apps, Firebase could also be used for hosting your site. It offers more from what mentioned before. Here are some of them:

  1. Realtime database (RTDB Firebase or Firestore)
  2. Authentication (include social auth)
  3. Backend code with Nodejs via functions
  4. Cloud storage
  5. Many more!

And all of them are free for you to use, without any credit card required. If you want to make an app that more than just static, try firebase.

Zeit now (Vercel)

It’s a serverless platform for both your static and dynamic website. You can use many language to write your app in (PHP, JS, Go, etc. is available). But it doesn’t provide a database service. You can deploy your seit to Zeit as easy as type “now” in terminal / command-line

There are many more options out there than than you think

Other free API services

I’ve made complete listing page of free stuff include API services for Dev Check out