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Migrating Hugo site to Astro

A long time Hugo fans here. I still struggle on doing query, routing or filtering. I tried Astro and really love it. Here is how you can migrate too

astro hugo

Hugo vs Astro - which static site generator to choose in 2023

Which static site generator to choose in year 2023? should you pick the newcomer Astro or Hugo that been here for a while

astro hugo

Display or filter a list of post based on a category or tag in Hugo

Learn how to display a list of post based on a category or tags in Hugo . This is not for normal category page, since Hugo will sorted it out for you out of the box. This is for when you want to display certain list on a random page


Display categories or tag on meta data Hugo inside head tag

Yesterday I struggle with displaying a list of categories or tags inside a head tag of my Hugo project. I want to use this on my meta tag to make it more dynamic a.k.a better for SEO.


How to concatenate string on hugo SSG

quick tips on How to concatenate string on hugo SSG or how to combine string with variable on gohugo


Series of article in Hugo website

Learn how to add series for your article in Hugo. This way we can group multiple post on a certain topic or series


Show future post in Hugo SSG

How to display future post in Hugo. We will see how you can render between published post and future post in hugo static site generator


Add live search in Hugo website

How to add search functionality in your Hugo static website. It's a bit tricky, but not that hard

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Migrate from firebase to Hugo

I want to migrate my firebase site (data stored in firestore) to Hugo posts. The problem is hugo made with files not database per se. Here is how i convert or migrate from firebase to hugo markdown to create post

database firebase hugo

Manage media/image in forestry with cloudinary

How to manage your static website's media like hugo via forestry with image hosting provider like cloudinary

tool hugo

Using forestry as CMS for your Hugo site

We need to make our blogging experience as fun and easy as possible, content management system might help us to do that


How to Customize Front Matter in Hugo

Learn how to customize you pre-defined fields in front matter in your hugo app


How to Make Dynamic Twitter Card for Hugo

Hot to make a nice dynamic twitter card in Hugo to optimize our twitter post


How to Create Simple Pagination in Hugo

How to create simple next and previous button for your website's pagination in Hugo


Create New Hugo Post Faster With Bash

How to create new hugo post faster with bash script? without writing hugo new command anymore

bash hugo productivity

Move My Hugo Site From Github Pages to Netlify

Today i move my static site using hugo from github-pages to netlify hosting provider

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How to Schedule Post in Future for Hugo

How to set hugo post schedule in the future with netlify and cron task

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How to Get All Hugo Tags

How to get all hugo tags or taxonomy or category you use for your static website


How to Deploy and Host Hugo in Github Pages

How to deploy your hugo website and Host it for free in Github Pages


Simple Hugo Blogging Site

How to make a simple hugo website for blogging with tagging or category system.