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How to Tweet Your Blog Post Automatically

How to tweet your blog content automatically via RSS by schedule that you define yourself

There are many social media manager out there, like Hootsuite and Buffer, but not many people have heard about Just like other, it offers a scheduling feature, with a bonus: we can connect our RSS blog feed with to automatically tweet our new post.

Step by step auto post blog

  1. Sign up to
  2. connect one of your social media account
  3. Submit your RSS Feed (create, if you don’t have one) and choose your social media
  4. (Optional) In “settings” menu you can define how many times and when to look for any new updates

Other alternative:

I just found out, there’s an IFTTT alternative for this, check this wesferrel’s applet

Why do we need to automate this? tweeting a new post, isn’t an important task, as a blogger/writer, we can spend more of our time at research and write. And as a developer, always automate what can be run automatically (don’t repeat yourself).

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