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Create simple deploy script

Learn how to create a simple deploy script, to automate your code deployment when using git or any other things in command

bash productivity git

What Is Bash and How It Can Save Your Time

Have you heard about bash? but not sure what does bash actually do? Let's see how it can save you r time.. a lot

bash productivity

Create New Hugo Post Faster With Bash

How to create new hugo post faster with bash script? without writing hugo new command anymore

bash hugo productivity

Mac Shortcut to Improve Productivity

Some mac's shortcut to improve your productivity while working with mac

mac productivity

How to Tweet Your Blog Post Automatically

How to tweet your blog content automatically via RSS by schedule that you define yourself

tool productivity

How to Be More Productive With Atom

There are many things you can do with atom text editor to make you more productive

atom productivity text-editor

How to Make Custom Atom Snippet

How to make a custom atom's snippet, to make your coding time more productive

atom productivity text-editor