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Hello World

Hi, introducing

Hi, hello world!

My name is Hilman, and I come from Indonesia! I always want to write a blog in English, but there’s always fear and shame that haunts me. I’m not a native English speaker, so you’ll see (hope not that much) some grammar mistakes at first. I’ll keep practicing and make it better.

Contact: Twitter 🐦

My other fun projects

Free for Dev 💸

Open (re)source project, to find free alternative for developer. 1K+ stars on github

Find Dev Tools 🔨

Find free and paid alternative to any developer software / library / tools.

ToolBox For Dev

Just for fun experiment. Creating something I need along the way. ToolBox For Developer

Little bit about me

I’ve been a web developer since 2015, and realize how use useful and fun -coding- is. That’s why I share a lot about programming in Bahasa (Indonesian Language) since then. I won’t stop there, now is the time to share what I know to the world!

Little bit about this

This is my newest blog, I’ve been blogging from different domain before. I have a new concept idea that will make myself easier to create contents and to help you reader, consume it nicely. (Try the “read in bitesize” button above. That’s what’s different in this blog.


The only reason something keep exists is because there’s always someone, somewhere, share it to the next person.

Hope this site will be useful!

*I start blogging in English Mar 29, 2019, this article refreshed at 16th July, 2021