HTML code snippet with emmet

Make your life easier as frontend developer, by using emmet as your HTML code snippet. By installing meet, you can write HTML code much much faster.


Here’s from Emmet’s documentation “Basically, most text editors out there allow you to store and re-use commonly used code chunks, called “snippets”. While snippets are a good way to boost your productivity, all implementations have common pitfalls: you have to define the snippet first and you can’t extend them in runtime.”

Without emmet, we must defined the code snippet ourself. But with emmet, everything is ready out of the box!

Example please!

I’ll give a complex example here to show the possibiltyy:

Create a div with id “page” and inside it, add a div with class “logo”


That’s all you need to type, after tab, you’ll see this in your text editor

<div id="page">
    <div class="logo"></div>

You can even generate fake text or as known as “lorem ipsum text”, just by writing


It’ll produce 4 paragraph <p> with each lorem ipsum sentence.

Explore more possibilty of emmet in documentation


Install Emmet once, in your text editor, and now you have the magic of generating HTML code snippets without writing one!

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