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Convert string to UUID format in Javascript This is how to convert a 32 characters string into UUID format with - dash as separator on each 8 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 12 characters.
Hover effect on 5 star rating systems This is my solution on how to make a Hover effect on 5 star rating systems
Simple jquery like selector for vanilla javascript jQuery make us love javascript. One of the simplest but most useful feature for me is the selector in jquery, just use $ dollar sign and target the element. Let's make it happen in our vanilla javascript
Working with object in localstorage We all love localstorage, no database needed to store simple things for our user. But what if the data is more than a string or number? How to store and read object in localstorage?
How to add _blank or open new tab for link in markdown Can we add _blank property or open new tab for our links in markdown? is there any way around it
Debug javascript in iphone device Learn how to debug javascript of your website in iphone device from your mac to see console result error or warning
How to add HTML content inside sweetalert box Here is how you can add html content or html tag inside your sweetalert box
How to Create Poster With HTML Canvas Learn how to make a poster with html canvas, in this example we will make a poster for making a quoter for instagram post
How to Draw Image in Html Canvas Let's learn how to draw an image with HTML canvas. We'll see how to upload image and draw it or browse it on our machine's library
How to Create Dark Mode in Website Learn how to create a dark mode website for your website. It's actually easier that you think
How to Draw Text in Html Canvas Let's learn how to draw a text with HTML canvas