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Git error push remote branch src refspec does not match any

If you got error - src refspec does not match any, failed to push some refs to...- when trying to push change to remote git branch, here is how I solve it


Create a local branch from existing remote branch

If you want to test remote branch locally, you can use fetch method on git to try it on your machine


Shortcut bash function to review Github Pull Request locally

This is my Shortcut bash function to review Github Pull Request locally faster

git bash

How to add and remove another git remote repository

You have an origin remote repository for your git. But you need to add other remote repository. Lets see how to do this


Checkout remote pull request on Github and run locally

If you need to review someones pull request from Github and run the project locally. Check out this guide


How to test pull request locally

You're assigned to review your teammate's code from remote git repository. But rather than just reviewing it directly in Github, you want to run it locally first. Here's how


Remove all unsaved / uncommitted changes in github

See how to Remove all unsaved / uncommitted changes in github. In case you make some changes, and want to get back to the last commit you have


How to remove last commit on github

It's just happened to me yesterday, where I push something to main branch, but not the main branch that I want. I start panicking and looking for help how to undo my last commit before anyone see the changes


Create simple deploy script

Learn how to create a simple deploy script, to automate your code deployment when using git or any other things in command

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