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How to Create Simple Pagination in Hugo

How to create simple next and previous button for your website's pagination in Hugo

If you start looking how to paginate your blog in Hugo, it’s a very good sign 🤗 ! why? it means you take your blog seriously, you post more than once (at least 😅). Luckily, Hugo make it very simple to create a pagination

Add in config

Add pagination info in your config.yaml(.toml) file

paginate : 12 //depend on how much post per page

Loop with page

Change how you loop your post with .Paginator.Pages

{{ range .Paginator.Pages }}
    //each post
{{ end }}

Add number

Add your pagination’s number!

 {{ template "_internal/pagination.html" . }}

The last snippet will gave you ready-to-use pagination number, but you also can make it look simpler, for example just the next and previous button,

{{ if .Paginator.HasPrev }}
    <a href="{{ .Paginator.Prev.URL }}">  Prev </a>
{{ end }}
{{ if .Paginator.HasNext }}
    <a href="{{ .Paginator.Next.URL }}">  Next </a>
{{ end }}

We check, if the pagination has previous or next, if exists, write any text/image your want between the “a” tag, and assign a link for it.

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