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How to improve your skill as a developer

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Whether you are writing your first or 1000th line of code, I’m sure we all strive to improve our skill as programmers. We want to do more, learn more, and know more about coding.

How to improve your programming skill? This is the question that we should ask. To answer this question, this article provides a list of how to improve your programming skill

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Learn from others

If you want to be a good developer, you have to learn from people who are better at what they do. This means asking questions and getting advice. You can get help by reading blogs, forums and other resources. There are lots of places on the internet where you can learn about software development.

No matter where you are in your career you can always use some help. Seeing new things, hearing different opinions and being help by others has been key in helping me succeed in my career and personal life.

Read people’s code

With the growing numbers of open-source projects and websites on the internet, we are pretty much surrounded by other people code. We can learn through read other people code or read open source code for programmer

Bonus: Find a project or codebase you can work on and start contributing on open source if you can.

Make open source project

There are different reasons to build open source project. Open source projects are good way to build your technical skills, start build open source project and publish it on Github or other places. Start with something small when you start your first open source project, don’t overdo it on your first time.

You can choose a problem that you and your peers have, if you can’t find one, make the open source project for the community by yourself.

You can learn a lot from working on an open source project, and it will help you build your resume as well

Share what you know

I find that one of the best ways to improve your skill as a programmer is to teach, not just your own projects but other peoples code. This helps you catch mistakes and better understand why something may be done in a certain way. For one thing, it’s a great motivational tool. Of course, it’s also a great learning practice for you since you’ll learn how to explain things in simple ways.

Learn new language or framework

If you’re still young, then I bet that you get excited by the idea of ​​learning a new programming language. So this part is easy.

I try to learn a new language as often as I can: it helps you to widen your perspective, show you how a different version of one concept looks like and teaches you something new every time. The list of benefits is pretty big.

The real world needs us to know more than just another programming language. You have a boss or a client who wants you to create a webpage or app using a language that is different from your forte. It will help you understand coding better if you try new programming languages and tools like Angular JS, Ruby on Rails etc or similar that can give you an easier time as you program in future.

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