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On building

reason why I start building

Whenever I find some free cool developer tools/services that I can use for my next product, I immediately write it down in my private note.

The list got bigger, scroll to it in one file not helping anymore.

I need to categorize it nicely to make it easier to search for something.

Suddenly I thought, why not bring this list public.

I found some links that do the same, but surprisingly not many alternatives.

So, last week I create something Built this website with Hugo (Static Site Generator) and hosted it for free on Netlify.

I post it on hackernews the other day, many people like it! Since it’s an open (re)source on github, people start contributing some contents.

It has been really a good week, I never imagine someone wants to contribute to it, I guess if you make something at least for yourself, someone somewhere might find it useful too.

sharing open-source