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How to create an SEO content research tool

This is how I build my own SEO research tool. It's great for writing a new content and want to make it top rank fast

One of the things an SEO-tool does is find reference from top google results and show frequent used words. It’s somehow one of the formula that Google use (the biggest search engine, in case you didn’t know :P) to determine if your new written content relate or worthy become the new rival for these other top contents.

Two months later, I published an open source content research tool: ContentSwift

These keywords turned into signal to Google on what contents are relevant for user.

Reverse engineering content research SEO tool

For this case, I want to replicate what tool like “SurferSEO, Frase io, PageOptimizerPro or similar tools” did. I will share the overview step by step, not the actual code (maybe I’ll share it later on another post)

Disclaimer: They have many features outside what I mentioned and we’re going to cover. It’s just one of the feature they have :)

The PseudoCode for content research SEO tool

Here is what I come up with:

Usage flow Idea

Even though not perfect, you can use:

As your basis for creating content. You can aim to have these keyword on your article.

TIPS (warning)


Before scrape each of the site, you can:

More tips on Google SERP: Find hidden gems in google search result for SEO

Challenges on creating SEO reserarch tool

These are challenges I met along the way

Blocked by site

When scraping a site, probably that site already has a blocker for scraping.

Possible solution:

Get main Content

Get the correct main content is not very straightforward, since websites have different layouts and not every site using HTML main tag.

For this, you can find “article scraper”. Like:

Find the benchmark here

Frequently asked question

How can I get most frequent keywords ?

After getting the main content (do that first), you can split each word by (” ” / empty space). And loop throgh it while collecting each of the word in array (count ++ if it appears n+1 times).

Who is this article for

For developer who loves SEO world. For marketer who wants to build their own SEO tool, with help from SEO friend/freelancer)

What is SEO (search engine optimization) ?

It’s how we can bring our websites into top results or page one at search engine like Google. There are many SEO strategy we could pursue, on of them is by providing search engine with content that similar to current top results + your new unique perspective.

What other features SEO tools have?

If you want to explore more + DIY your own SEO tool, here’s what they normally have:

If you’re interseted on exploring this, you could ask fellow content marketer / SEO expert what tools they wonder to exists. 

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