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Add Browser Sync in Gulpjs Project

How can we auto reload pages when certain changes happen? we can combine the power of browser sync and gulpjs


Watch Tasks in Gulpjs

Learn how to watch Tasks in Gulpjs so the files can reload themselves when certain task triggered


Combine Tasks in Gulpjs With Parallel Function

Learn how to Combine Tasks in Gulpjs With Parallel and Series Function as your tasks grow


Compress image with GulpJS

Learn how to compress multiple images with GulpJS, we don't need any extra tools for this, just run our gulp tasks


Combine Multiple Javascript (JS) Files With GulpJS

Learn how to combine Multiple Javascript (JS) Files With GulpJS. Sometimes we want to separate our javascript file during development process to make it easy for use to maintain it. But in production we still want to only serve one file for faster request time.


Minify CSS files with Gulp JS

Learn how to Minify CSS files with Gulp JS to make it load faster


Combine multiple CSS files with GulpJS

Learn how to combine multiple CSS files into one file with GulpJS, it's useful to make sure our HTML will only request for one file later (reduce request time)


GulpJS introduction, how to install

This post will be an introduction post on GulpJS. A toolkit to automate & enhance your workflow Leverage gulp and the flexibility of JavaScript to automate slow, repetitive workflows and compose them into efficient build pipelines.