Combine multiple CSS files with GulpJS

Learn how to combine multiple CSS files into one file with GulpJS, it’s useful to make sure our HTML will only request for one file later (reduce request time).

Our case

Assume we have two different CSS files.
Maybe you want to separate the concerns, like one file for homepage, one file for single page.
Or in my case, I sometimes, download any utility CSS, such as gridcss. I try not to mix my custom CSS with other files.

Organize our directory

I normally make dev folder to put all files related during development.
Create new dev folder and other folder’s we need

mkdir dev
cd dev
mkdir css
mkdir js

With above command, we create new dev folder with 2 more folders inside, CSS and JS.

Write CSS task in gulpjs

Before we write in gulpjs files, let’s install gulp-concat package

npm install --save-dev gulp-concat

Now in our gulpjs file

const gulp = require('gulp');
const concat = require('gulp-concat');

function cssTask() {
    return gulp.src('dev/css/*.css')
exports.default = cssTask

We define a new function called cssTask (name it whatever you want)
It need 3 things: source of the file, the job and destination.
We tell gulp, that we load every CSS on dev/css folder
and concate (combine) it into one file called style.css and save it inside dist/css folder.

In your HTML files, don’t forget to adjust the CSS location to the new dist/css folder.

Run gulp task

In command line, type


If you don’t see any error, it means everything is done!