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Simple jquery like selector for vanilla javascript

jQuery make us love javascript. One of the simplest but most useful feature for me is the selector in jQuery
With just using $ dollar sign, we can target the element. Let’s make it happen in our vanilla javascript

Custom selector function in vanilla JS

Do you know that $ sign is valid for a function name?
That’s the trick! we will create a new function that will return an element based on parameter we used.
If hashtag (#) , means id If dot sign (.) , means class if nothing, then normal HTML tag

function $(el) {
    const type = el.charAt(0)
    switch (type) {
        case "#":
            return document.querySelector(el)
        case ".":
            return document.querySelectorAll(el)
            return document.getElementsByTagName(el)

How to use this custom element

Just like our friend, jQuery

$('form')[0].classList.add("is-hidden") //targeting first form and add classname
$('#tools').innerHTML = 'im new content!' //targeting div with id 'tools' add change the text

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