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Introducing Supabase, your everything for backend

Introducing Supabase, the open source firebase alternative. We can create a backend for our project really fast. Start your project with a Postgres Database, Authentication, instant APIs, realtime subscriptions and Storage with a beautiful dashboard.

The number of things we have to be grateful for is far more than our ability to do it. One more thing to be grateful for as a developer is Supabase, it’s an open source firebase alternative. We can create a backend for our project really fast. Including a Postgres Database, Authentication system, instant APIs for all, realtime subscriptions and Storage, all presented with a beautiful dashboard.

supabase screenshot

Supabase’s features

These are some features that available for use for free, while they’re in beta.

Database Every project in Supabase is a full Postgres database. For someone who prefers SQL than noSQL, it’s an easy win. It also supports “Row Level Security”

Authentication Almost every project need an authentication system. Supabase provides it for use. Add user sign ups and login, via magic link, OTP, email/password and even social login.

Storage No need to register on other services for storage. It’s available for storage, organize and serve large files .Any media: ex” videos and images.

API All services mentioned above comes with API that automatically generated for us.

Dashboard I fall in love with Supabase’s dashboard on a first sight. Beautifully crafted. You can see usage’s statistic, database, authentication data, storage, API documentation and running SQL query there

Functions: Coming Soon Supabase in on their way to make it all like a dream. Functions! we can run a custom code and cron jobs without deploying or scaling servers.

Supabase pricing

Right now they are in beta. It has Free and Pro plan. Check the most up to date pricing information here

The free plan offers 2 organization with each 2 projects. No credit-card required

Supabase community

It has fun community at discord For general QnA and other stuff is at github discussion And also active at twitter @supabase

That’s it, try Supabase now!

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