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How to Use Tailwind CSS in React JS

Step-by-step guide on integrating Tailwind CSS into a React project. From setting up a new React app, installing and configuring Tailwind CSS, to writing your first component with Tailwind classes

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How to adjust row gap in a grid at Tailwind CSS

Learn how to adjust the row gap in a grid layout using Tailwind CSS. This guide covers the use of gap utilities, creating responsive row gaps, and real code examples for hands-on understanding


How to Center a Div in Tailwind CSS (Multiple Ways!)

Master the techniques of centering a div in Tailwind CSS, both horizontally and vertically. This guide provides practical examples using Flexbox and Grid layout utilities for precise element positioning


How to Create a Navigation Bar with Tailwind CSS

Step-by-step guide to create a responsive navigation bar using Tailwind CSS. From setting up Tailwind CSS, creating a basic nav bar structure, to making it responsive and adding interactivity.


How to have a hover effect on children when parent is hovered in Tailwind

Learn how to have a hover effect on children when parent is hovered in Tailwind CSS. Luckily, this case is already covered, no hacky-way needed


How to add word space in tailwind CSS

Is there any way to have a word space in tailwind? Yes, this is useful if you want to have a distance / space between word