How to have a hover effect on children when parent is hovered in Tailwind

Let’s learn how to have a hover effect on children element when parent is hovered in Tailwind CSS.

Only two steps needed

  1. We identify the parent by adding group as a class name
  2. Using group-hover:$any_style_here on any children element we want.


Here’s the example from official Tailwind docs.

<a href="#" class="group block max-w-xs mx-auto rounded-lg p-6 bg-white ring-1 ring-slate-900/5 shadow-lg space-y-3 hover:bg-sky-500 hover:ring-sky-500">
  <div class="flex items-center space-x-3">
    <svg class="h-6 w-6 stroke-sky-500 group-hover:stroke-white" fill="none" viewBox="0 0 24 24"><!-- ... --></svg>
    <h3 class="text-slate-900 group-hover:text-white text-sm font-semibold">New project</h3>
  <p class="text-slate-500 group-hover:text-white text-sm">Create a new project from a variety of starting templates.</p>

All three elements will be changed based on it’s value on group-hover, when we hover on the a (parent) tag element.

See the result here