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Learn the art of teaching dev from these people

list of people who are amazing at delivering dev/programming content

Here is a list of people whom I admire for their ability to teach development and programming in any form. (Not in any particular order). This list may be very subjective, but I will point out what I appreciate about these great individuals.

Art of teaching Dev

I will also add another post that lists unique courses, companies, and products that teach development. This post is specifically for individuals.

Maggie Appleton

She was an art director and UX designer at egghead before.  You may have seen her art before floating on the internet. She draws many beautiful illustrations and writes on her site, which sometimes takes “heavy topics” and transforms them into the easy-to-read article.



He is best known for the “Learn in Public” movement. Shawn writes essays, books, makes videos, and podcasts on topics such as programming, content creation, learning, and startups.


Jeff Delaney (Fireship)

If you’re on YouTube, you may have come across one of Fireship’s videos. They are bite-sized videos, usually 2-5 minutes long, that explain a specific technology. Jeff can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time by keeping viewers engaged with fun GIFs and animations.


Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor writes books and blogs about programming (for the intermediate level and above). In Code Ahead, he tells us some best practices in programming in form of novels.


Chris Coyier (CSS-Tricks)

He’s the man behind CSS-tricks and Codepen. Through his sites, he shares tutorials on the front-end web, with visuals, samples and a playground for readers to try the code themselves. It’s a great example of how one topic (in this case, CSS) can be endlessly explored.


Joel Hooks (Egghead)

He started egghead, which now becomes a community where dev learns from each other.  Created a framework on “how to create a good dev screencast”. He also produces some of the best courses through “badass dev”.


Dan Shiffman (Coding Train)

He teaches creative coding that is very fun to watch and is very beginner-friendly. Telling jokes and showing his expression while teaching reminds us there’s a human being behind every video.


Josh W Comeau

Josh creates interactive blog posts on web front-end topics. He typically writes detailed, well-crafted posts on his beautifully designed website, complete with explanations, code samples, and visuals for readers to follow along.


Flavio Copes

he writes consistently (I believe) every day on his site. Sharing bits of information about what he currently learns (share while it hots). It’s very inspiring to be able to keep sharing everyday


Bucky Roberts (The New Boston)

I remember in early 2011, was looking for a Java tutorial and gladly I found “the new Boston youtube channel”. He teaches bite-size videos that focus on a topic in a very fun way. Very recommended for a newbie programmer.


Jeffrey Way

A veteran (and still active!) teacher since in Tutsplus and now building his own course empire around Laravel with Laracasts. The video quality and the content itself set a very high standard for screen casting.


John Lindquist

“He is the egghead”. John is the co-founder and original instructor of egghead. Transforming complex topics and breaking them into video chunks. He inspires and becomes a role model for many nowadays dev teachers.


Julia Evans

Julia creates zines and comics around programming. Seeing a dev content transformed into something like this definitely opens endless possibilities to other creators as well to deliver something in a very unique way


That’s it!

Thanks for reading this through I post it on hacker news, gain very good insight and get some good references as well. Feel free to discuss this topic there. Let me know who you think I should add to this list (and why)