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I don't know what to write on my blog - developer

Blog about little new things you discover, if it's new to you, it may also be new to others

People have different reasons to write a blog. You may do it for ads, to connect with others, to practice your English (like me!) or improve your writing skills.

Blogging for Dev

“But.. what should I blog about ?”

This a question that everyone who wants to start blogging will face. Even someone who already blog for a while, will question this again as well. You may call it “writer’s block”.

I blog something when it’s new to me

This is my not-so-secret formula. I write something that’s new for me. Now it puts me on the opposite side, where I have too much to write since there are many things I don’t know yet.

Here are more concrete things you could write

How do you solve your bug

If you’re like the 99,99% of us, you’ll have a bug in your application. When you finally solved it, why don’t you share it with the rest of us?

I often got a similar if not the exact same bug. Now.. instead of exploring google results pages, I can go to my blog and easily search for it.

If the solution you found is from Stackoverflow, Github issue or other people’s site, don’t forget to give a link/reference to it.

When Documentation is not clear

There are many frameworks and libraries out there, but often they come without good documentation.

You can write what you just found on your blog.

If it’s an open source, you can contribute to that project by improving the docs.

Combine things together

Normally, you don’t solve your problem by visiting one article / one q-n-a section on Stackoverflow. But you combine it with multiple resources.

Now it’s your time to stitch these things together and present them to your reader.

Let’s say you’re looking at “how to auto-delete files on AWS S3 that are older than a day”. You may find:

We can help the next people, that have the exact same case as us, by writing this step-by-step in one go.

Write it, then the search engine will help you distribute it.

Today I learn …

If you’re learning something new, then it’s a perfect chance to put down the things you learn that day.


The good news is your blog is not official documentation! feel free to write a disclaimer or information that you’re currently learning about this topic and use your blog to help.

Writing something you learn, will help you along the way. (Read “remember” chapter on -Building a Second Brain-)


If it’s new to you, then it may also be new to others