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Getting started with Rust, installation

Let's set up our Rust development environment. We will use Rustup / Cargo as our installer and package manager.

Let’s set up our Rust development environment,


You can play Rust online, without installing anything. Play Rust Lang

Installing Rustup

The recommended way to install Rust is using Rustup. It’s both installer and version manager for Rust

For macOs / Linux

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Using other OS? check other installation method here

Update current version

Rust updates frequently. Run rustup update to user the latest update.

What is Cargo

When we install Rustup, we also install Cargo. It does a lot of things

To make sure everything is installed. Run cargo --version

Make it nice on your text editor

Whatever text-editor you use, make sure to install Rust support (syntax highlight or snippets) to make your experience better

Fun Fact

When you install Rust, it also copy the documentation locally to read offline. Try rustup doc to open it in browser (locally).

Want to uninstall?

You can run

 rustup self uninstall
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