Prisma error when doing upsert

When implementing upsert through Prisma you need to make sure that the where clause contains a unique column only.

Here is an example on how to do an upsert in Prisma

const upsertUser = await prisma.user.upsert({
  where: {
    email: '',
  upcreatedAt: {
    name: 'Viola the Magnificent',
  create: {
    email: '',
    name: 'Viola the Magnificent',

In where clause, we include the column that we want to check on database, is it exists or not. If not then we’ll create a new record.

How to solve prisma upsert error

When trying this with different column on where cluase, I got

Request error PrismaClientValidationError:  
Invalid `prisma.user.upsert()` invocation:  
Unknown arg `column_name` in where.column_name for type UserWhereUniqueInput. Available args:

Which is caused by the column I provided is not a unique column.

How to make a unique column in Prisma

To do this, we need to add @unique at prisma.schema and migrate our changes. For example

column_name  String  @unique

Then you can try it again!