Play with Image generation tool: MidJourney, Dall-E 2 and Stable Diffusion (DreamStudio)

I was stunned, the first time I saw Dall-E 2. I really want to use it. While waiting for the beta invitation. I got my hand on other image generation, such as: StableDiffusion (via dream studio) and Midjourney.

This is not a comparing blog post between the three. It’s just my raw result from my experience.


StableDiffusion (via Dream Studio)

Dall-E 2

So far the best in term of archiving what I want. I’m thinking to build my next project using the arts I generate from Dall-E 2

Raw Thinking

I think the skills we need to improve here is “how to write better prompt” and have a general knowledge in Artist’s word industry, to be a able to use the correct term.


Prompt Inspiration: