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My Atom Recommended Packages

What's your favorite atom packages? here is some of my atom recommended packages

As a developer, a text editor is not something we can just ignore. Since I found out about atom, I never go back 😘. Even “visual studio code” clearly run faster on my machine, atom just feels right for me. If you are an atom guy/girl like me, here are some atom packages made by awesome community you might find useful:

No Title Bar

I don’t like the title bar that hanging on top of my editor, let’s get rid of it by using No Title Bar

PlatformIO IDE Terminal

Switching betweet atom and terminal/command prompt tab is tiring. Platform IDE Terminal enable us to play with terminal while still in atom’s window

Atom live server

You may heard “live reload” extension for your browser, to see some changes directly while you’re working on a file. Yes! atom got you covered with Atom live server

File icons

Staring at text editor is boring, let’s give an icon to our treeview with file icons package


To show how colors actually looks like, we can use pigments instead remembering all the rgb and hexa number

While we’re talking about color, this color picker package can help us pick the right color without using an extra app

Do you work a lot with HTML? try using emmet to make things easier! atom has a nice package for emmet

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