How to use typescript in existing NextJS project

I already have a running NextJS project but I want to start using typescript. Lets see how to add typescript in existing NextJS project

This setup tested in NextJS v12

Create tsconfig.json file

Go to your project directory , then add new empty file tsconfig.json or via terminal

touch tsconfig.json

Install typescript requirement on NextJS

Stop the server if it’s currently running. Then run yarn dev or npm run dev. And you’ll see what needs to be installed.

At this time of writing, we need to add types for react and node package. (Since Nextjs is consist of react and nodejs)

 yarn add --dev typescript @types/react @types/node

*change yarn add to npm install if using npm

You can see now your tsconfig.json file is filled with default options.

Start with your typescript file!

Run yarn dev again and now your project is up and running.

By default js file will still works. To start leveraging typescript benefits, change your file with .tsx extension

You can learn about typescript from the official website


From official NextJS documentation

TypeScript strict mode is turned off by default. When you feel comfortable with TypeScript, it’s recommended to turn it on in your tsconfig.json

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