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How to update useState value based on new value reactjs

Learn how to update useState value based on new value reactjs. I encountered a problem, where I can't manipulate newest addition on my array that using useState in react

When you update / set new state via React useState, it runs asynchronously. Yesterday, I spent a lot of times, why when I add ‘new things’ on my array state, I can’t immediately update it. It’s all because the asynchronous “feature”.

My state didn’t recognize newest addition yet, until re-render happen.

Get newest value from setValue useState

Luckily, we can get the newest state when updating the value, with the callback function inside our setValue

setSomething((state) => {
    return state;

Update newest value in useState example

So here is how I solve this problem As an example, assume I have a replies on a thread

const [selectedReply, setSelectedReply] = useState('')

Later I add new things on reply via

setReplyList(oldReplies => [...oldReplies, newReply])

here is how if we want to update the value immediately after adding new one. (Here I update based on index, you can use other condition, maybe based on value, then index is not needed)

 const selectedIndex = 0
//callback to get newest state
setReplyList((state) => {
    let updatedReplies = [], index) => {
        //update id of newest reply added
        if (selectedIndex == index) {

    return updatedReplies;