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How to Install Laravel on Mac OS

Learn How to Install Laravel on Mac OS, by using brew and installing PHP, composer and mysql (if you need mysql)

Laravel has a lot of fans around the world. Maybe you just want to tryout Laravel as well. Welcome to the club!

If you’re using Mac, I hope this guide can help you install it.

Install brew

Hombrew, is a package manager for Mac OS. It can help us, as a developer to install various things. Including PHP , composer and other necessary package later. So let’s install this first

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

or check the homebrew’s homepage

Install PHP

To install newest PHP and directly using it on Mac OS, use

brew install php

You can verify it, with typing “php —version”

Install Composer

Laravel itself, will be installed with composer. So let’s install this as well

brew install composer

See how easy it’s to install different packages on our Mac OS with help from brew package manager.

Need database? install mysql

Normally, or as default, Laravel using MySQL, if you don’t have it already installed. Let’s do in. I’m sure you know the command at this point.

brew install mysql

That’s all you need to install Laravel on Mac OS

Feel free to run

php artisan serve

Now your laravel is running!

laravel mac