How to export firebase firestore database for free

So far, we don’t have an official and free way to import or export our data in/to firebase firestore. Of course we don’t want to any unwanted accident happen, where we lose all of our data without backup.

Luckily, Dalenguyen made a node package to import and export firestore for us.

How to:

1. Download serviceaccount.json from Firebase Console > Project Setting > Service Accounts

2. Clone the previous repo ” git clone ”

3. Download requirements with “npm install”

4. For export
node export.js <your-collection-name> <sub-collection-name-(optional)>

5. For Import
node import.js import-to-firestore.json date=date geo=Location

Warning for import: It will overwrite your current collection if there is a collection with that name in your Firestore.