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How to count most used words in database with python

How to count most used words in a sentence or article with python programming language

Data is one of the hottest things during past few years, being able to get a particular information from data that you collect could be very helpful.

Here’s a little script how you can get / count most common words from your database. In this case we’ll be using a mysql, but you can absolutely change it to other database engine, API or any file. We’re using Collection Counter from python

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from collections import Counter
import mysql.connector

#connect mysql database
mydb = mysql.connector.connect(

#so we can get the data by key
cursor = mydb.cursor(dictionary=True)
cursor.execute("SELECT column FROM table")

myresult = cursor.fetchall()

#combine all words in one big variable

titles = ''
for item in myresult:titles += item['title'] + ' '
  #split sentences to words
  words  = titles.split()

  #search 5 commond words   
  Counter  = Counter(words)
  most_words = Counter.most_common(5)

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In the above example we only search for 5 common words, but you can change the number inside most_common() function