How to bulk update in sqlalchemy python?

Update multiple columns one by one is daunting. Learn how to do a bulk update on Sqlalchemy in python programing language to update multiple items at once.

Thanks so much from the gist by doobeh here

Here’s the raw implementation

from sqlalchemy.sql.expression import bindparam
stmt = update(TableName)\
    where( == bindparam('_id')).\
        'user_id': bindparam('user_id'),
        'email_address': bindparam('email_address'),

conn.execute(stmt, [
    {'user_id': 1, 'email_address' : '', '_id':1},
    {'user_id': 2, 'email_address' : '', '_id':2},
    {'user_id': 3, 'email_address' : '', '_id':3},
    {'user_id': 4, 'email_address' : '', '_id':4},

Watchout the line:

where( == bindparam('_id')).\

What’s in bindparam must be different from your column’s table name. (In this case id and _id). So in case you have a raw dictionary that have same name, you need to change it first. Remember to attach that “_id” as indicator on each list of your array when you executing it.

Update in 2023

Session.bulk_update_mappings() # For dictionaries
Session.bulk_save_objects # For objects

Make sure to read the caveat section as well