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Disable video recording when running Cypress

How to Disable video recording when running Cypress run test on you project

When you’re using cypress run to run test without GUI, Cypress will automatically generate a videos of your test at cypress/videos folder. It’s a good thing, especially when the test failed, so you can see what happen actually while running your test.

How to disable the video recording

To disable the video, go to cypress.config.js file and add video: false attribute

import { defineConfig } from 'cypress'

export default defineConfig({
    e2e: {
        setupNodeEvents(on, config) {
            // implement node event listeners here
    video: false,

It won’t fill much of your disk space

If you’re worried that it will take many spaces, don’t worry. By default, even if the video is on(true), It has “trashAssetsBeforeRuns” which will remove the recorded assets before we run our next test. This setting also configurable on cypress config if we want to persists the assets

Other tips

In case you still want to see the videos of your test. But don’t want to push it on your git repository , we can ignore this files in .gitignore


*above sample, when you want to ignore screenshots as well.

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