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How to properly deploy Nova at Laravel Forge

Here is how you can add Nova to your fresh Laravel project that deployed via Forge

If you want to use Nova admin package on your Laravel project, and deploy it to forge. You probably will get this error

Unable to find Nova (Silver Surfer) license holder with the given email address: [].
    Failed to download laravel/nova from dist: The '' URL could not be accessed (HTTP 403): HTTP/2 403 
    Now trying to download from source

It’s caused by there is no “user and password” information for authenticating Nova.

There are two ways to solve this, depend on your state:

1. Fresh Laravel project on Forge

Don’t auto intall composer package

For fresh installed project, you need to install it “without install composer package” first. So when selectign you Git repo on Forge, uncheck the install composer.

Add auth.json via Forge

Once the git repository is installed, you can use the Packages panel to store your Nova repository credentials into your site’s auth.json file and run a deployment.


Deploy now!

2. Existing Laravel project

If you have an existing laravel project that already deployed at Forge, and want to add Nova to it.

composer config NOVE_EMAIL NOVA_KEY