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Add class name based on ternary operator result in ReactJS

Lets see how we can add a class name based on ternary operator result in ReactJS. Whether a single class name or multiple class names.

To toggle an element, normally I add .is-hidden class name on CSS. Any elements I want to hide will use this class

 display: none;

Simple usage on single class name

Now we can use ternary operator to toggle an element based on other state variable value

<div className={elementSelected && 'is-hidden'}>

In this sample. I have a variable called elementSelected . It will show is-hidden class to this div only if the value is true or not null in general.

*Notes elementSelected can be whatever boolean condition that has true/false result.

Use in multiple class names in CSS ReactJS

Now let’s use it when we have other class name before it.

<div className={'other-classname ' + (elementSelected && 'is-hidden')}>

Now we have other-classname that always comes with the div. And only toggle is-hidden based on the elementSelected value